Jenny Trost, DOMPJenny pic
Osteopathic Practitioner
Tuesdays 11am – 4pm & Thursdays 9am – 5pm

Jenny has worked in complementary health care for over 20 years.  Originally, she trained in acupuncture (DTCM) and aromatherapy (RA).  In her final year of acupuncture training, she was introduced to craniosacral therapy, and subsequently attended numerous courses in craniosacral therapy—both biomechanical and biodynamic.  This interest in turn led her to 8 years of training in osteopathy in order to complete a Diploma in Osteopathy Manual Practice (DOMP). Osteopathic training involved 5 years of course work and a research study on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Jenny is passionate about treating the nervous system.  Concurrent with her osteopathic education, she trained as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP).  Somatic Experiencing is trauma-resolution work, enhancing regulation of the autonomic nervous system.  This has the same intent as osteopathy’s approach to autoregulation.  She has also completed post-graduate courses in osteopathic treatment of the nervous system, including neuroscience, endocranial spasms and peripheral nerves.

She is a professional member of Osteopathy BC.  Check your extended health plan to see if you have osteopathic coverage.

Assessments and treatments are conducted at Victoria Pilates:
Tuesdays & Thursdays

Appointments may be made by contacting Jenny:
250 891-2391

More about manual osteopathy:

Osteopathic manual therapy restores function by treating the causes of pain and imbalance.  The osteopathic practitioner relies on palpation to assess the position, mobility and quality of all tissues in the body.  This means that bones, as well as fascia, muscle, organs and the nervous system may be treated osteopathically.  If it is in the body, the osteopathic practitioner can work with it!

Osteopathic philosophy embraces the belief that the body has an inherent capacity to heal itself. Over time, however, the body becomes less resilient as this ability to efficiently self-regulate diminishes. Some of this loss may be due to the aging process, to the prolonged influence of gravity on posture, or to trauma, accident, illness, surgical scarring, childbirth, repetitive activity, or the cumulative effects of stress.  The practitioner of traditional osteopathy works with the body to enhance its inherent capacity to self-regulate and self-heal. Osteopathic treatment is appropriate for many conditions including pain, chronic illness, concussion, and anxiety.


Stephanie Dempsey-Kruger, CATstephanie
Certified Athletic Therapist | Osteopathy Student
Sundays 9:30am – 2:30pm

Stephanie Dempsey Kruger is an award winning Certified Athletic Therapist with 15 years of experience in her field. She is a member in good standing of the Athletic Therapist’s Association of BC and the Canadian Athletic Therapist’s Association. Stephanie is also a student member of Osteopathy BC.

As an Athletic Therapist Stephanie has had a widely varied career to date. A graduate of the University of Manitoba’s Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science program with a specialization in Athletic Therapy, Stephanie worked for the Canadian Forces for four memorable years before establishing a private practice in Greater Victoria in 2010. She has worked with people of all ages within the general public, amateur and professional athletes throughout the last six years at locations in downtown Victoria, at Maple Bay Pilates Studio and here at the Victoria Pilates Studio. Additionally, Stephanie taught the research curriculum at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy here in Victoria and was contracted by SportMedBC to teach the Sports First Aid and Athletic Taping courses to the general public throughout Vancouver Island for a six year period.

For the past nine years Stephanie has been working towards her diploma in manual Osteopathy at the Canadian School of Osteopathy in Vancouver. This program has allowed her sense of touch to become more refined and better able to detect harmony and disruption in the body’s tissues, no matter the individual’s age or size. Every course she has attended reignites her passion for the human body and nature. What’s natural for one person may not be natural for the next. Stephanie has attended all of the courses offered and is preparing for the comprehensive written and practical exams. Following her success at these exams, she will then begin her research in preparation for the thesis dissertation.

As a result of Stephanie’s formal education in the Athletic Therapy AND Manual Osteopathy streams she has a somewhat unique approach to assessing and treating each individual’s aches and pains. As an Athletic Therapist she was taught to prevent, assess and rehabilitate injuries to the “container” (i.e. the body’s structure including bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues) while also recognizing injury or trauma to the internal organs. As a student of Manual Osteopathy, Stephanie has learned to approach the “container”, including the cranium, in much greater detail AND to assess the “contents” of each person’s body, such as the internal organs, viscera, nerves and blood vessels. As the human body is so comprehensive, Stephanie believes that addressing the container and the contents must go hand-in-hand in order for the cause of a grievance to be identified and corrected, thereby improving biomechanical and physiological function of the body as a whole. The relationship between the container and its contents is always reciprocal.

Stephanie was initially introduced to the discipline of Pilates at Victoria Pilates in 2010. When she first met her husband, he had been dealing with low back pain for many years and had found relief of his symptoms through the individually structured programming devised by the Victoria Pilates staff. As an Athletic Therapist, Stephanie has been exposed to many forms of exercise and conditioning but none with the level of specificity, subtlety and one-on-one direction provided by Victoria Pilates instructors. The combined effects of Pilates training and Athletic Therapy treatments have made a lasting impression on mutual clients who seek relief from their aches and pains.

Stephanie, her husband and two very young sons live in Central Saanich and are making the best of the location, often visiting beaches and markets by bike. Her oldest son (age 3) is currently attending a children’s yoga program at the Victoria Pilates studio so his yoga mat is strapped to the bike as well.

Assessments and treatments are conducted at Victoria Pilates:
Saturdays or Sundays

Appointments may be made by contacting Stephanie

Phone: 250-217-2238
Email: stephaniedempseykruger@gmail.com

Please Note: Athletic Therapy is different from Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy, it is a separate designation unto itself. For insurance coverage information please visit http://www.athletictherapybc.ca/insurance-billing.html.

To learn more about how an Athletic Therapist can help you and the scope of practice, please visit http://www.athletictherapy.org/en/about-athletic-therapy/what-is-athletic-therapy/.

To learn more about Manual Osteopathy and about the profession within BC, please visit http://osteopathybc.ca/faq.