Getting Back to a Pilates and Fitness Routine After Summer Holidays

After summer holidays, it can be difficult to get back into your routine. Even if you are active during your holidays, your regular exercise (and Pilates!) regime may slip. Old movement patterns may return and they might be accompanied by some bad habits. Now that fall is around the corner, it’s a great time to start thinking of ways to ease back into your Pilates and fitness routine.

When returning to your classes, it’s important to remember to listen to your body and assess how you are feeling. If you had any injuries, or noticed any discomfort during your holiday break, it’s important that you let your instructor know so that they can offer suggestions and feedback. If you’ve been away from Pilates for more than four weeks, we strongly encourage you to book a a private appointment to review your program.

In addition to resuming your exercise and Pilates classes, it’s also a good idea to make sure that you have a healthy and balanced diet and are getting enough sleep. All of our body systems are connected, and staying nourished and rested will help both physically and mentally when returning to work or school in the fall.

We are offering some great workshops and specialty classes this fall that will be a great addition to your existing equipment or mat Pilates classes. Our Back to Routine – “Core, Fascia and more” series will run for four weeks, starting mid-September. Heather will be returning this October to instruct two MELT workshops, and we also have plenty of space in our Yoga and FIT Camp classes.

Contact us at the Victoria Pilates studio for more information or to register for a workshop or specialty class!

Studio Member Gerry Poultin Takes Championship in Squash at World Masters Games!

Gerry Poulton Victoria PilatesStudio member Gerry Poulton recently returned from Auckland, New Zealand as squash champion in the 70+ open category. Winning all of his matches, Gerry remains a repeating champion in this category.

The World Masters Games occurs every four years, and is hosted in a different country each time. This global event is the largest multi-sport competition in the world, with contestants ranging from 35-80+ years old, competing in a variety of categories and sports.

The next games will occur in 2021, in Kansai, Japan. The previous competition was held in Turin, in 2013.

Congratulations Gerry!

Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Conference & Recent Instructor Training

As many of you know, this fall session was a busy one for Susan and the instructors!
Susan attended the 16th annual meeting of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) in Phoenix, Arizona. This year’s conference featured research into efficacy of the Pilates Method. They were able to bring the highest qualified and talented Pilates educators available covering a wide spectrum of essential topics.
The four-day conference ran two four-hour workshops each day along with two mat classes to keep everyone moving! It was very exciting to see the development of the organization and how much they have improved their standards.
Immediately following this conference, Susan, Lisa and Krista went off to New York for The Female Pelvis Cycle of life conference where they attended presentations and workshops taught by experts in the industry, Tom Myers and Dr. Eden Fromberg. They each gained a new certification and learned more about the assessment and treatment of both female and male pelvic health.While they were there, they decided to forgo sleep and enjoy Central Park, a Broadway show, sightseeing, and even a trip to the original Joseph Pilates Studio!
November was a fun month filled with traveling, workshops, and discussions, and our instructors are very excited to share what they’ve learned with you.

Pilates Mat Repertoire Book Release

Thank you to everyone who attended the open house and book launch on September 24th. We are over the moon that it has been released. For those of you who were unable to attend and still would like to purchase a copy, pop into the office anytime!

A complete approach to better health, “Pilates Mat Repertoire” will help you better understand the various exercises through verbal explanations along side detailed images of each step of the movement being performed. The book will help guide your practice, helping you to develop your technique both in the studio and at home. Whether you are completely new to the practice, or have an established routine, the information presented will help refine your practice.

Pilates is a movement regime that teaches you to move efficiently and safely every day, throughout your life. The founding principle of Pilates is to concentrate the mind and body while working in flowing precision. Practicing this movement regime will allow you to understand the brilliant design of Joseph Pilates’ exercises and empower you to master the techniques needed to perform the Mat Repertoire. Your body will be transformed as you become a healthier person in body, mind and spirit. Pilates provides benefits for all ages that cannot be achieved through traditional aerobics or strength training programs.

Here are six reasons Pilates is so beneficial and practiced by so many people:

1. Builds long, strong, lean muscles
2. Is a whole-body movement regime
3. Teaches the importance of breath
4. Strengthens your core
5. Prevents future injuries
6. Teaches you how to move efficiently

Please feel free to ask us questions about the principles of Pilates anytime.

Getting Back to Pilates & Reviewing Studio Guidelines

After a long warm summer of lazy days at the lake, BBQs with family and friends, and perhaps even a summer vacation, it’s all too easy to skip your indoor workouts or Pilates classes! Hopefully you were able to sneak in some outdoor exercise, or for some of you, keep attending your Pilates classes through the summer!

For those of you who have been busy over the summer, it doesn’t have to be a strain to return to your routine. When starting back up with your Pilates after a long period of rest, it’s important to be mindful of your body, and make sure to let your instructors know of anything that may have changed over the summer, ie: new injuries, areas of stiffness, or even new fitness goals.

Booking a private session with a Pilates instructor is a great way to make sure to get a new routine, tailored to your needs (see more below!). The next step is to make sure you’re registered in a regular class. Attending at the same time (or times!) each week helps keep the routine and keep you accountable for your health and well being. If you know you’ll be missing a class, make sure to sign up for a make up class!

For those of you returning, and those new to the studio, please take a moment to review our studio guidelines:

1. You are welcome to come to class 10 minutes early to stretch and warm up. Please avoid showing up earlier than this, as there may not be enough space for those who are still in their class, or the instructor may be preparing for the next class or client.

2. Please remember this is a scent free environment. Some of our patrons have allergies and sensitivities. (Deodorant and shampoo are ok, however, perfume/cologne is not)

3. You may book make up classes for absences, but you must give 24 hours notice for an absence. In emergency situations, or illnesses, please call or e-mail as soon as you can. Make ups can be granted in these situations. Unless there is an emergency, no-shows are not eligible for make up classes.

4.  If you accumulate make-ups due to unexpected absences, it is best to book them within the current session. However, if this is not possible, they can be carried over one more session, so long as you are registered. Make ups cannot be used as credit for the new f registration.

5. If you have missed more than one month of equipment classes, you will need to be scheduled in for a program review to make sure you have an up to date program that addresses your current needs and that you understand and remember all of the exercises.

6.  Most importantly –  Have fun! 🙂

Please contact the studio with any questions or concerns you may have in regards to registration, policies, or anything else! Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30-1:30 plus two evenings per week (alternating between Mon/Wed and Tues/Thurs)