March Workshops

We have some great workshops coming up this month!

Calling all Gardeners: Gardening Workshop (Next Week!)
Use Pilates to keep you healthy and injury-free this spring!
Even though many of you have already started gardening this year, this is still a great workshop to help you understand why you’re getting those aches and pains! From sore shoulders and necks to low back pain, we can help you understand how to use your Pilates to protect you as you garden this spring and summer!

Dates | Thurs, March 12 (6-7:30pm) or Sat, March 14 (12:30-2pm)
Price | $55

Hanging out with the Shoulder Workshop
Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?
Come and learn about why you experience tightness, tension or restriction through your shoulder girdle. This workshop will cover basic anatomy and mechanics of the shoulder, a discussion of how and why various injuries occur, and important exercises to do at home to improve shoulder health.

Dates | Thurs, March 26 (6-7:30pm) or Sat, March 28 (12:30-2pm)
Price | $55

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