Pilates Mat Repertoire Book Release

Thank you to everyone who attended the open house and book launch on September 24th. We are over the moon that it has been released. For those of you who were unable to attend and still would like to purchase a copy, pop into the office anytime!

A complete approach to better health, “Pilates Mat Repertoire” will help you better understand the various exercises through verbal explanations along side detailed images of each step of the movement being performed. The book will help guide your practice, helping you to develop your technique both in the studio and at home. Whether you are completely new to the practice, or have an established routine, the information presented will help refine your practice.

Pilates is a movement regime that teaches you to move efficiently and safely every day, throughout your life. The founding principle of Pilates is to concentrate the mind and body while working in flowing precision. Practicing this movement regime will allow you to understand the brilliant design of Joseph Pilates’ exercises and empower you to master the techniques needed to perform the Mat Repertoire. Your body will be transformed as you become a healthier person in body, mind and spirit. Pilates provides benefits for all ages that cannot be achieved through traditional aerobics or strength training programs.

Here are six reasons Pilates is so beneficial and practiced by so many people:

1. Builds long, strong, lean muscles
2. Is a whole-body movement regime
3. Teaches the importance of breath
4. Strengthens your core
5. Prevents future injuries
6. Teaches you how to move efficiently

Please feel free to ask us questions about the principles of Pilates anytime.

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