Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Conference & Recent Instructor Training

As many of you know, this fall session was a busy one for Susan and the instructors!
Susan attended the 16th annual meeting of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) in Phoenix, Arizona. This year’s conference featured research into efficacy of the Pilates Method. They were able to bring the highest qualified and talented Pilates educators available covering a wide spectrum of essential topics.
The four-day conference ran two four-hour workshops each day along with two mat classes to keep everyone moving! It was very exciting to see the development of the organization and how much they have improved their standards.
Immediately following this conference, Susan, Lisa and Krista went off to New York for The Female Pelvis Cycle of life conference where they attended presentations and workshops taught by experts in the industry, Tom Myers and Dr. Eden Fromberg. They each gained a new certification and learned more about the assessment and treatment of both female and male pelvic health.While they were there, they decided to forgo sleep and enjoy Central Park, a Broadway show, sightseeing, and even a trip to the original Joseph Pilates Studio!
November was a fun month filled with traveling, workshops, and discussions, and our instructors are very excited to share what they’ve learned with you.

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