Victoria Pilates Staff Biotensegrity Workshop

biotensegrityThis May, the Victoria Pilates staff participated in an intensive full day biotensegrity workshop. Biotensegrity is a newer way of understanding the anatomy of the human body on a functional and scientific level.
Developed by R. Buckminster Fuller, tensegrity is a physics and architectural principle that explains compression and tension within structures. Applying this idea to the human body, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Levin, began to research and develop the concept of biotensegrity (bio, meaning ‘life’ + tensegrity). The human body is made up of various biological structures, including muscles, bones, fascia, tendons and ligaments, all combined within a system of tension and compression.
Through this development, many movement professionals have evolved the way they think about movement and human anatomy. Though an understanding of biomechanics is still important, biotensegrity places a strong importance on the structural understanding of how muscles, ligaments, bones, and organs work together in a system.
This concept helps movement professionals understand how to help their clients preserve joint integrity and avoid loading their joints. It also helps practitioners work with clients who have muscular-skeletal issues or injuries, as well as those who want to have a healthy lifestyle or wish to gain strength and flexibility.

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