Our goal is to support each client’s process by offering a variety of services. Our class sizes are limited because we believe students benefit from individual attention.
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  • Personalized individual programming
  • Private resistance Equipment sessions
  • Private Mat sessions
  • Small group Equipment sessions
  • Small group Mat sessions
  • Pre- and Post-natal classes
  • Post Surgery classes (hip, knee, back rehabilitation)
  • Stretching area for a complete health regime
  • Pilates-based Bootcamps
  • Hatha Yoga


  • Those requiring an increase in flexibility, strengthening and toning
  • Those who have never exercised before


We recommend an initial introductory private session to mat work to learn how the principles of Pilates apply to your unique body structure and body awareness.


Pilates Bootcamp

What is keeping you from getting in the best shape of your life in 2010? Pilates Bootcamp is an approach designed to alleviate muscle pain and prevent injury. Each class will consist of a cardio component followed by a strength and stretch portion. Abdominal work to strengthen the core will be a focus of each session. This class will tone muscles while burning fat. With a low instructor to participant ratio, our instructors will be able to challenge all fitness levels. Class will happen rain or shine. Dress for the weather and bring a water bottle. Good quality running shoes are a must! All ages and fitness levels are welcome. See the Bootcamp page for more information and Fees for pricing.

Group Mat

Mat Classes

Mat classes are led by instructors and teach the fundamental principles of Pilates. This workout experience is fluid and invigorating.

Mat Introductory Level

Designed for any healthy person who has no prior experience with the Pilates Method.

Mat Level I

For those students who have had Mat Intro experience. A one time Mat Private session is required to ensure client has Mat fundamentals.

Mat Level II

For those students who have been engaged in Pilates for at least 6 months and/or have instructor approval.

Mat Level III

For those students who have been engaged in Pilates for 1-2 years and/or have instructor approval.

Equipment Classes

Resistance exercise and complete Pilates programming for a maximum of five people to one instructor or maximum of seven people to two instructors.

Mat And/Or Equipment Rehabilitation Class

Mat and/or equipment work designed for those in recovery (hip/knee replacements, post accident, back pain, chronic syndromes etc.)

Men’s Equipment Classes

Personalized Pilates programming is designed to help men gain or maintain physical strength, increase flexibility and joint range of motion, increase body awareness and take their fitness to a different level. Take your Pilates training and use it in all areas of daily life including other sports. Pilates can be used as a cross training program and will enhance many aspects of physical fitness.

For more information on how Pilates can help improve your sports performance, read this article (PDF, 6KB).

Prenatal And Postnatal Classes

Be well and stay well during the transformation into parenthood. Ideal for expectant mothers to maintain a safe exercise program throughout their pregnancy. A program can be designed with specific exercises to meet a changing body’s needs. Meet other expectant mums who have similar outcomes in mind. Physician’s permission required.

Postnatal programs are a great way to get your shape and core strength back after birth.

Senior’s Classes

Pilates is ideal for seniors who have been active all their lives and are looking for a safe way to maintain or improve their strength, flexibility, joint range of motion and so much more. You will stand taller, move easier and generally feel better. We offer Mat and Equipment Pilates classes for seniors.

Private & Semi-Private Sessions

Personalized individual program development on both mat and equipment. Booked by appointment only. Please call to book your private sessions. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.