Clients sign up and pay for classes on a session-by-session basis. Each session is 8 weeks long, running consecutively from September through to June, then for two 5 week sessions during the summer. A Registration Week is held 3 weeks before each new session begins.

Note: You can join our studio register at anytime, even when a session is already in progress. Please contact us for details.

Current Session: Winter II (Mar 2-Apr 25/ 8-Weeks)

Next Session: Spring (Apr 27-June 20/ 8-Weeks) Registration: Apr 6-10

• Registration fees paid during the registration week guarantee preferred class times are reserved for that session
• New clients can register at any time! Session fees will be pro-rated for NEW CLIENTS ONLY
• Class schedules are subject to change based on minimum participation level requirements
• Equipment clients are required to do a minimum of two private sessions each year to update their program.
• Clients who have been away for more than a month are required to book a private session to review their equipment program before returning to classes.

NOTE: If registration is NOT paid during registration week we cannot guarantee your preferred class times will be available.

• All packages expire within 1 year of purchase date. No refunds are available for unused sessions
• 24 hours notice must be provided to cancel a session
• Makeups are available for missed classes as per policy ONLY when notice was given
• Absences with no notice will not be granted a make-up class
• Session fees are transferable to another class (i.e. Mat to Equipment) but not refundable
• Makeups are ONLY available as per the following schedule. If your regular program is –

a) Once/week sessions – Maximum 2 makeup classes available during each session
b) Twice/week sessions – Maximum 4 makeup classes available during each session

If you will be absent from the studio for longer than a 2-week period, fees must be paid
at the drop-in rate and we will guarantee your regular class times.