Our Staff

Susan VanCadsand – Owner | Program Director | Instructor
B.Sc. Kinesiology, M. Education


Susan was introduced to Pilates while dancing with the New York City Ballet and studied under Carola Trier, a long-time student of Joseph Pilates and master teacher of his method. Susan’s love of dance and body movement continued on into her studies where she completed a Masters in Human Kinetics and PhD in Education. Since 2002 Susan has studied with The Dianne Miller Pilates Center of Vancouver and is a fully qualified Pilates teacher having trained in several different schools of technique. Susan has also developed a safe and successful regime of her own, incorporating her knowledge as a Kinesiologist.

Paula McFadyen – Registered Kinesiologist, Pilates Instructor, M.SC. Exercise Physiology, Certified Exercise Physiologist (Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology)


For the last 30+ years, Paula has been working in the fitness industry doing research, fitness testing, and exercise prescription with members of the general public as well as development with national athletes. She taught Human Anatomy and Exercise Prescription at UVIC. Paula began her journey with Plates in mat classes, and eventually began working with the equipment as well. She has been a member of the Victoria Pilates studio since 2008, and has since joined our team as an instructor. In her spare time, Paula loves to sail, hike, and cook.

Jessica Vitrouk – Pilates Instructor


Jessica is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, but has lived most of her adult life overseas. She fell in love with Pilates in 1998 in Zurich Switzerland. Since then, every new country she and her family have moved to, the first order of business (after housing and a favorite coffee shop is secured) is finding a Pilates studio. She has been lucky to take classes from wonderful teachers in Switzerland, the UK, Russia, Luxembourg and now Canada. In 2012, she started her teacher training with Balanced Body in Boston and continued her studies with Balanced Body in Brussels, Belgium. Prior to moving to Victoria, she taught Pilates at studios in Russia and Luxembourg. Before becoming a Pilates instructor, she earned a BA in Russian studies from Middlebury College, and worked until 2012 as a tax consultant with Ernst & Young.

Sara Paziraei – Pilates Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer, Physical Education & Sport Science

Originally from Iran, Sara moved to Canada in 2011. She has always been involved in
physical activities and sports. She earned her black belt in Karate when she was 19 and taught Karate for over 10 years. Her love for exercise changed her life’s path, and after finishing her undergrad in Chemistry, she continued her studies in physical education and sports science. She is a certified personal trainer, and is currently working towards her master’s degree in Kinesiology while teaching exercise prescription at UVic. In her spare time, she loves fishing and reading books.

Maggie Hofman – Pilates Instructor

Maggie’s introduction to Pilates was through the Pilates Mat Repertoire and her interest didn’t stop there. She was able to continue her exploration into Pilates through Equipment classes at Victoria Pilates and ultimately did an internship at Victoria Pilates and became a Pilates instructor.

Her exploration of movement lead to a keen interest in rock climbing which Pilates was a perfect compliment to. After a hiatus from Victoria Pilates she returns with renewed passion and is excited to continue her journey as a Pilates instructor. Maggie understands first hand how Pilates has the ability to help the body heal. The integration of Pilates into her active lifestyle has allowed her to continue pursuing the activities she loves most; hiking with her dog and exploring the natural beauty of the west coast.

Catherine Jones – Office Manager


Catherine brings a unique combination of skills to the administrative side of Victoria Pilates. She has had various roles within the arts and not for profit; she’s been employed in more corporate settings, and has had her own business.

She regularly volunteers in her children’s school community, and enjoys an active lifestyle, participating in both individual and team sports.