Here is what some of our Clients are saying:

“The instructors at Victoria Pilates are professional, knowledgeable and attentive. A personalized program suits my specific needs and is updated as I progress through various movements & exercises. A top priority in my life is to be pain free and upright while gaining overall strength and flexibility. I believe Victoria Pilates is the positive path.”
~ Carol P.

“My rehabilitation process from knee replacement surgery was so fast and successful that my surgeon was quite surprised. I was able to straighten my knee immediately after surgery, something that can often take several weeks. Within 2 weeks I was able to bend my knee to 120 degrees. I am convinced that my Pilates had a lot to do with my success!”~ Heather T.

“I have only been doing Pilates for 6 weeks or so but what a difference! My flexibility is amazing already. I feel wonderful, plus the friendly & knowledgeable staff make you feel very welcome. Thanks Victoria Pilates!” ~ Sarah C.

“As usual, I found the core strength I have gained from several years of your Pilates classes incredibly beneficial on my latest adventure in the great outdoors. Pilates is one reason I can keep active doing challenging, exciting outdoor activities. Like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro this year!” ~ Jocelyn G.

“What impresses me is the emphasis Susan and her Instructors put on your body; specifically tailoring each class to your needs. My program addresses my body and its strengths and weaknesses. This helps me achieve greater body awareness, control and power, which ultimately helps me become a stronger, better dancer!” ~Andrea B.

“My first experience with Pilates was when I was five months pregnant with my 1st child. Pilates gave me strength in my pelvic floor, core, breathing practice, gentle stretching and overall physical conditioning. I continued with my practice until a few weeks before the birth. Then, I rejoined classes about 6 weeks post pregnancy. It helped me strengthen my whole body inside and out, and truly believe it contributed to an amazing pregnancy.” ~ Simone M.

“We can’t get over how good we feel after a Pilates class. My husband commented how de-stressed he feels after a workout, even more than after his runs. Must be that Pilates breathing!” ~ Barb & John D.

“2 years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease I joined Victoria Pilates. The exercises have slowed the progression of my disease, strengthened my muscles, improved my posture and stability, and taught me how to relax and breathe effectively. I am still intensively farming our small acreage and leading a normal, if slower paced, life thanks in no small measure to your professional and helpful staff.” ~ Jim M.